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If you trace back to the beginning, everyone is a member of the Earth family.

The music passed down through the land is regarded as 'Earth Voice', and the group's work traces its footprints back to its origins.

Marina Hirata, one of Japan's leading Amami singers, and

Japanese music composer Yoshii Shogo, who is active in the world, in this futuristic music project.


EarthVoice is a love the abundance that already exists, share its value and

music as a tool for resonating with the Earth and its people, and to connect it to the future.

Part of the proceeds from this project will be used to fund the education of the children of the World Natural Heritage Site Amami Oshima in the form of shima-uta songs.

(e.g. new and repaired sanshin, procurement of props, purchase of books on island culture, rewards for accompanists at folk song competitions, new and repaired Oshima tsumugi silk, etc.)

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